Local K-9 Added to War on Drugs

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We will answer your questions when you call or email us. Our conversations are confidential. We work with treatment centers, businesses,schools and private parties. We are not affiliated with law enforcement.

Our dogs are all passive alert dogs, which means there is no barking, digging or scratching. They simply sit when they detect the odor of drugs. If our dog detects the odor of drugs, we will be sure you noted the location and move on to the next room or area. We DO NOT open drawers, cabinets, etc. You are free to take whatever action you choose.

If we're working in a private home, we will provide you with a list of resources to contact if you do not already have a plan. These resources can help you take appropriate next steps to help your loved one enter treatment or counseling.

If you are a manager or administrator of a treatment center, business or school, and our K-9 indicates the odor of drugs, you should follow your existing policy for determining appropriate action.

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DISCLAIMER: Desert Drug Dog is affiliated with K-9 Security Services, LLC, Arizona Department of Public Safety License 1536379.  Although detection dogs are highly reliable, odor detection is not an exact science. Our dogs undergo continuous training, but the possibility exists for a false indication or a miss.

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